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Working at Dispolab Nederland

If you are interested in a career at Dispolab Nederland, you will want to know more about us, what we would expect of you as a new collegue and what you could expect of us. Dispolab Nederland is a wholesale supplier of laboratory disposables and is located in Someren (North Brabant). Our team always goes the extra mile to supply our customers with the laboratory articles they need. 


Team spirit, efficiency, result and customer focus are all important to our company's success. We have an informal organisational structural and a fantastic, open and honest company culture.
Our people, who have a real passion for their work, ensure that Dispolab Nederland is and will continue to be successful. 

Personal growth

Dispolab Nederland is a growing organization, because of which we are always looking for new collegues, who want to grow with us. We want to continue to encourage our employees to grow too, through (specialist) training programmes and courses. 

Are you looking for an interesting job with an informal, hands-on organization? Do you expect to be able to make a valuable contribution to the future of Dispolab Nederland? If you can answer "yes" to both of these questions, please send an open application to 

We supply products of a consistently high quality 


Dispolab Nederland specialisations

Dispolab Nederland has a number of spearheads: chromatography, filtration, microbiology and packaging. We are able to supply customers with a wide range of products from all of these product groups. 
Thanks to our product managers and production possibilities, we are continually adding new, competitive alternatives to our product range.

We are most proud of the articles that we have developed ourselves. For example, solid phase extraction columns and groundwater filters.

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