Lab disposables that matter
Lab disposables that matter

Laboratory disposables


You order them, use them and then throw them away in most cases. Laboratory disposables may be "just" one small part of your analysis process, but they are very important to your organisation. After all, maximum ease of use is vital to you when carrying out analyses. You want to avoid cross-contamination and keep costs to a minimum, but without having to compromise on quality. You also want the best product for your specific needs, at the most competitive price possible.

You expect your supplier to think with you. You also expect consistent quality, fast delivery times and a flexible and proactive approach to problem resolution. You prefer to be able to contact a designated contact person about all of the above, someone who knows you personally and has a good understanding of the processes in your organisation. This ensures that you are always in a position to carry out your activities quickly and accurately.

A good laboratory supplier has much more to live up to than you might initially think and real satisfaction and optimal laboratory-disposable provisioning will only be possible if your supplier meets all of your requirements.
Dispolab Nederland has made all of the above a fundamental part of its business operations since it was set up in 1992. 

Why opt for Dispolab Nederland? 

  • More than 25 years' experience
  • Always the best product for you particular application
  • Personal contact
  • A designated contact person
  • Always the best price-quality ratio
  • Products kept in stock for you free of charge
  • Orders placed before 10.00 are dispatched the same day


If you would like to profit from the advantages we have to offer,

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The most expensive product won't always be the best product, as your specific wishes, objectives and applications will determine which product is the best for you. 

For example, you might be looking for a solution that enables you to save costs, a product that offers better ease of use or, even better, a combination of the two.
We call these solutions competitive alternatives.

Thanks to our product managers and production possibilities, we are continually adding new, competitive alternatives to our product range. 

Bearing your needs in mind, we are always pleased to help you find the products that are important to you, for whatever reason.